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My Story

Engineer by qualification, I started my career at the Indian Coast Guard. However, due to misalignment in my values and the government’s way of working, I took retirement after 14 years of service. 

As I left the Coast Guard, I knew I wanted to do things differently. I wanted to start a company where both the employees and the employers had the chance to challenge themselves and grow beyond their own imagination. Twenty-five years later, I am happy to inform you that my company (sold to a venture capitalist for a million dollars in 2020) worked effectively, with minimal retention issues and maximum growth (financial & personal) for my employees. Furthermore, the machine I had created moved smoothly without much of my involvement in the last 7 years I was part of the team.

In my forty years of experience in the business sector, one thing has become clear. What I had created with my team was an anomaly. 

Thousands of companies, small and big, across India shut their doors due to bad performance. However, they don’t often pull back the curtains and understand the biggest hidden destructive factor that led to the demise of their company was nothing but ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE.

Even after retirement, I feel passionate about sharing my knowledge on organizational culture and its impact on company performance with everyone, especially small and medium-sized enterprises who often “learn by doing” or worst case “learn by failing”. I have set myself a goal to support & help succeed 100,000 SME business owners, drastically, using business culture as a tool. 

If this calls to you, book a free 30-minute call with me HERE.

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