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One of the most important tasks for the management is to make employees comfortable enough to clarify questions (doubts) in their minds to their superiors otherwise, the employees will just make assumptions that may be far from the truth. At times, employees worry about their psychological safety and hence, don’t ask anything. This results in continuing the routine without much interest, which obviously reduces the employee’s engagement.

Employee engagement is the key to an organization’s efficiency and productivity. Google search defines employee engagement as “The level of enthusiasm and dedication a worker feels toward their job.” Employee engagement can be critical to an organization's success, given its links to job satisfaction and employee morale. Engaged employees are more likely to be productive and higher performing. Unless the employees clarify their doubts with a totally free mind, they will not be able to contribute much from their side except by following the standard guidelines set up by the management. There will not be any innovation, no value addition and the organization will be deprived of the inputs from the employees.

Like any other relationship, the relationship between the management and the employee is also affected by openness, honesty, and transparency. If the thoughts and feelings are not shared between them about what is being done or whether it needs to be done in a different manner, it might lead to a non-optimal performance. The growth of both the organization, the manager, and the employees is at stake.

So, the question to the management is how to make employees feel engaged, and the answer is simple. Give them what they want to do, and what they like to work on. Yes, we are talking about the right fit, to begin with. If we allot a person a job, that she loves doing, half of the problem is already over. She will surely try her best to finish her job in the most efficient manner. In addition to the job, if she feels that her doubts will always be clarified by her managers, she will not be afraid of asking any questions about the best way to do her job. She will feel supported, she will have trust in her manager. That will result in greater productivity.

What else an employee wants from an organization to give her best other than clarity, trust, and support; all of which result in a good working environment. This environment is the culture, that people follow seeing each other – a culture of trust, clarity, support, and teamwork. This unites the team and hence, the organization.

Organizations need to train their managers to be responsive to the questions people ask and it is only possible if all the questions of the managers are also responded to in a very clear manner by the organization and its leaders. Is it a good idea to make managers wear a “CAN I HELP” badge? Think over it and write in the comment box below.

Let us continue trying #makingworkplaceshappier.

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