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Conflict and Culture

Conflicts, whether at home or in the office, are a part of everyone’s general life. We face them, we get stressed about them and life goes on. Very rarely do

we have any plans to counter the conflicts. Most of the time, we are not ready to respond and hence we react. We react on the spur of the moment, without any preparations and hence our reaction is one of these – flight/fight/freeze. Most of us will agree that these are not positive reactions. The only way is to have a preparedness, a contingency plan.

If we are not ready to respond to conflicts, we react spontaneously to our emotions and our feelings. We get angry, we get afraid, we get depressed and we get all types of negative emotions. It is obvious that how we normally react, will not be in anyone’s favor.

It is interesting to note that all buildings have a fire plan in case of fire, all organizations have a contingency plan for any eventuality, but a human mind never felt the necessity to develop a contingency plan to counter any of the negative emotions that keep on invading us mercilessly all times of the day. But how many of us have plans ready, to counter any conflict situations?

Conflicts are natural. We are different in our memories, our experiences, and our perceptions. Our opinions and conclusions are bound to differ, but are we prepared in advance to counter our negative emotions in a pre-planned fashion? Do we have plans ready as to what we will do when we are angry or when we are irritated? Definitely, a pre-plan will be in everyone’s interest.

If we can do that, there will definitely be an improvement in the culture of the organization, as we will respond to situations and not just react to them as a firefighter. If these responses are taught to the management and the employees of the organization, it will bring a new positive culture benefitting one and all.

What do you think? Can you make a contingency plan for one of your negative emotions? It will be interesting to know. Write in the comments below or send me a mail at

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