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Consciousness in Business

The words like consciousness, awareness, and likes are supposed to be the parlance of spiritual realms. Today, let us try to understand the importance of consciousness in our business environment.

Let us see some of our basic assumptions about business. We assume that business enterprises are set up either for wealth creation or social welfare or both. We also assume that whoever is leading the enterprise is very keen to work towards the same with no personal ego to affect or harm the above-mentioned goals. We also assume that the enterprise owners are aware of some very basic truths of life. For example,

1. A happy group of people can work more effectively towards a common goal, compared to another group of people, who don’t like each other.

2. A person in physical, emotional, or financial pain will find it difficult to concentrate on their work.

3. People who do well in their personal life or career feel cared for and loved.

4. Being shouted at or threats of dismissal from a job does not motivate people.

5. If someone is already repentant about their mistake, it does not make any sense to further ridicule or humiliate them.

6. People want to be trusted because they feel they are trustworthy.

Let us try to realize why most of the managers, even senior management, act in opposition to the above assumptions when it comes to handling their workers. They want the stove to give them heat, before adding any wood. It is obvious that this cannot happen.

The above list is not exhaustive. You can add more if you want, once you understand what I am driving at. Despite all the managers knowing all the truth stated above, why do they fail to act accordingly?

The answer is unconsciousness. Managers lose their consciousness when they are angry, jealous, greedy, or overwhelmed.

During those moments, they become unconscious about their goals and get swamped by their feelings and emotions If they are fully aware of the consequences of their actions during dealing with their subordinates or difficult situations, they will act differently.

You can try this effect of consciousness or awareness theory in your own life. Irrespective of what you are doing, you can see this effect. For example, if you are cooking or boiling the milk, the food will never get burnt or milk spilled if you are fully conscious in the kitchen. You will never stumble while walking if you are fully conscious of your movements.

Keep this well in your mind that consciousness and awareness are not the words to be thought of during meditation only. These are needed for the effective living of our daily life. And you may be surprised to know that we are very rarely fully conscious about what we are doing. Try it out yourself. Take any act. Take a stopwatch and honestly see, how long did you concentrate?

Business, and even your daily life, needs your complete presence with full consciousness in whatever you are doing. If you can do that, you will always be successful in whatever you do, including business.

This is what the scriptures talk about when they say – Live in the present. Be fully Conscious.

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