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Culture is the Manager's playground

It is more than 40 years since I graduated and entered the field of employment. I was lucky to have a couple of jobs in my hand and I chose to join, one of them. Over 40 years later, I realized that irrespective of the job one has in hand, the only way to grow is by having a goal, hard work, and sincerity. Cutting corners to work smart does help in the long run.

It is surprising to note that smart has become an acceptable word though, it is used to denote cunningness, as well. Society has changed and so has changed the way; we perceive our lives. However, the basics of life have not changed. People need to love and be loved; people need to be appreciated and cared for. People have a need to be understood by their peers and others. All these are part of our culture.

Business culture is no different. Though the objective may be earning a profit, the way to treat the employees cannot be different. Intelligent managers all over the world have started realizing that the best investment is in the people if you have to have a profitable business. Anything which you want to perform good, needs care, whether it is a bike, car, horse, computer, machine, or human being. In addition to this, another fact of life that people need to understand is that if we want to grow, we have to give first, and then only we can receive. It is like filling petrol in the car, before using it; giving power to machines before starting the assembly line etc.

Despite knowing all these, people still do not treat the employees well. The common complaints are employees’ trustworthiness and lack of ethical working standards. Managers fail to appreciate that people usually pick what they see in their surroundings. If the working environment is healthy, people will learn healthy habits and vice versa. Since the managers do not want to accept the fact that the working environment is not good, they find the easy route – blaming the employees.

It is time to accept responsibility for our own growth’s sake, and that of the organization that we work in. If you are suffering from any business cultural issue that you would like to talk about, feel free to book a FREE call with me on

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