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Culture can only be reinforced with repetition on a regular basis

Every student and teacher on earth knows that without repetition, nothing can be learned, nothing will become a habit. Great authors have written about the theory of 10000 hours of practice to become a genius in any field. Even the new age coaches talk endlessly about continuously reciting affirmations and repeated visualizing. The business world is not and cannot be an exception.

It is a curious case of HR pundits discussing the lack of culture in the majority of workplaces across the world, without ever bothering to find out about the time, they spend on this subject on a daily basis. Operations, projects, sales, marketing, quality, accounting, tax, and more are talked about daily, maybe a dozen times across different shop floors and departments. How many times, Culture is talked about and discussed on an average enterprise in a year? The answer to this question is also the answer to the lack of positive culture in enterprises all over the world.

We don’t set up any company culture except at the beginning for documentation purposes, never focus on that in our daily or weekly routines, do not make it a habit in the employee, as is done in the case of quality. WHY? Since no money is spent on the formation and implementation of culture directly, the return on investment is not in anyone’s mind. Wherever the money is spent, the management wants to know the returns on that investment.

It is indeed surprising to find out why the VP Finance never relates the efficiency of the employees to the losses incurred by the company. For example, if an employee draws a salary of INR 100,000 per month and has an efficiency of 75%, the ROI on that employee is only 75000, resulting in a loss of Rs 25,000 to the company. Keeping an approximate salary budget for a company as Rs 1 Crore per month, there is a massive loss of Rs 25 lakhs per month, amounting to Rs 3 Crores per annum to the company. This can be surely taken care of by trying to shift the culture of the company from a blame culture to a more encouraging, more inclusive one, where people work without fear and give higher output.

Can we get into a routine that every meeting will start with a recitation of the company values? Can we have detailed data on loss of values, as committed by each individual and department wise to add up in their assessment reports? Does HR track that? Do the CEOs ever have a high-level meeting about maintaining the defined values and culture in the company? Paying lip service to culture does not help. We want the result without taking any action in the field of culture.

It is time to shift focus back on culture from profit if we want the world to remain sane and sensible.

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