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Environment is most important

We are told that we are the average of five people whom we interact with most. We pick up good schools and colleges for the environment. We walk on the treadmill in a gym, though we can walk anywhere. We enjoy matches more in stadiums than on TV. Watching a movie in a theatre is more satisfying than on a laptop. MIT has also suggested in their research that “Immersion is Contagious”. (Note – Immersion is attention + emotional resonance). We feel safe when we are with our own people. We prefer a friendly environment.

We know all these fully. But still, the management does not keep any budget for this in the estimates. Environmental expense is limited to the beautification of the premises, which is limited in its effectiveness to motivate the employees. A mind full of fear and anxiety does not find solace even in the most beautiful places of the world. Environment IS important. It makes us feel safe, comfortable, respected, and trusted where we can have fun as well. In a positive environment, we drop our guards, we let the hair loose, and we are natural. And if we are working on a greater purpose in that environment, we are innovative, we are productive, we are efficient. We can take the organization to another orbit.

Does the management understand this seriously? If they want to grow, they must. They must understand that within every employee, there is a hopeful human being that wants to grow, despite their limitations. They want to contribute to the company. They may not be sure as to how to do it, but they have the intentions. They are looking to the management to render their services. They want management to trust them, teach them and utilize them for everyone’s benefit. They know that everybody can be happy only when the growth is planned for everyone. They do not want the managers to exploit them or look after only specific people. They do not want groups to hold the management to ransom.

It will do good for the managers to understand that despite the difference in race, physical attributes, educational qualifications, and so on, people are more or less the same. Those of you who have read #searchinsideyourself by #chademengtan may recall the “Just like me” Buddhist meditation which talks about the similarity in feelings and emotions that all of us feel and experience. We need to understand that the division of “we and they” are illusory in the real sense. We are all together in this, as a group of sailors on a vessel in a rough sea. We should not try to survive at the cost of others. We need to take people along, especially those who are with us most of the time. This is what culture teaches us.

The important functions of the senior management are not limited to strategic planning and long-term vision alone. It includes making a thriving environment where the employees are fully engaged, not just working for the pay and perks.

Let us find out together how it can be done. Let us talk, let us focus on #makingworkplaceshappier.

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